Mitchell CRS 2008 Complete Set


Market : USA
CD/DVD : 5 DVD + 1 CD
Language : EN
Date : MAY 2008


Mitchell’s team of certified Master technicians measure every automobile featured in the Collision Repair Series DVD, providing you with the most accurate and reliable data on the latest model cars, trucks and vans. We are the only provider of comprehensive commercial duty and straight rail vehicle dimensions in a easy-to-use DVD format. All new features allow you to customize dimension data, so you can use the information with virtually any frame equipment.

The CRS Vehicle Dimension DVD includes the following:
Adjustable Datum Height (No more math!)
Customizable point-to-point measurements (No more math!)
Both upperbody and underbody dimensions
Measurements in both millimeters and inches
Damage Reports
10 years of complete car, light truck and van coverage
Sharp vector graphics that make identifying the right dimensions easier than ever
Product Coverage: 10 year model coverage

Meet DRP requirements for vehicle dimension data with this CD featuring over 10 years of car, light truck, & van coverage, including upperbody & underbody dimensions in both millimeters & inches.